Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Book Group, Round A Doctor

It wasn't a boring book. In fact, I liked it, and was caught up in it far more than I had anticipated. This title was my concession - I asked participants in November for suggestions. Book group lasted a full hour, and since everyone really liked it and thinks Paul Farmer is fantastic, I don't really know what to say about it (oh, wait, Amber said that it made her feel guilty). Highest turnout yet, so that's cool.

Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder is a biography of Dr. Paul Farmer who has dedicated his life to providing medical care (this means making sure that people have enough food, and other basic life stuff) for the poorest of the poor. He started out in Haiti in 1983, and while his heart and much of his time is still there, his organization, Partners In Health has expanded from Peru to Russia. He focuses on diseases that the modern world has forgotten since most people who contract them, who need help the most, are poor. Dude's got unending energy (says the girl about falling asleep at her computer).

One of the library board members posed as a normal patron and attended. I knew she looked familiar, but you reach a point where everyone looks familiar and you no longer really trust your facial recognition abilities. Well, I don't, at least. I'm regularly thinking that I see faces that belong in Michigan. Maybe there are lots of long-lost twins roaming about the two states I've lived in...

One of the book group participants was so inspired by the book that she donated $100 to Partners In Health. That's something.


Laura said...

Sounds like your book group is a success and growing! Way to go!!!
I am amazed at how many books you have read in your short time here on earth. And that you can remember all the characters, plot, etc...your blog of them makes me want to read them too.

Jackie Parker said...

Thanks, Laura!