Monday, April 02, 2007

Postergirlz for readergirlz

If you haven't already heard of Reader Girlz...Well, let's rectify that now, shall we? Justina Chen Headly, author of the fantastic Nothing But the Truth (and a few white lies), gathered up some like-minded SCBWI Seattle writers and wrote up the following manifesta:

* Readergirlz is about having serious fun while talking about books with the author and your friends!
* Readergirlz is about getting the inside scoop about why the novel was written, the tears and joys and real-world angst that the author has lived and layered into her story.
* Readergirlz is about reading great books to get to know yourself, your friends, and yes, even your mother, better.
* Readergirlz is about celebrating strong girls in books who've got the guts to dream.
* Readergirlz is about reaching out to others based on what you've read.
* And most of all, readergirlz is about inspiring girls to make history of their own!

Every month Readergirlz Divas select a book for discussion that exemplifies a quality every young girl should have before entering the adult world. They host the author on the group site and everyone is invited to talk about various subjects the selected book touches on, or really anything that concerns teen girls. Join the discussion (or, if you are the shy type, read) by logging on to the Readergirlz MySpace.

I'm honored to have been asked to participate among the Postergirlz. As per the April Newsletter:

The readergirlz divas couldn't be happier to announce the formation of postergirlz for readergirlz, an advisory council which will generously lend their YA lit expertise to guide our book choices. This amazing group is made up of some of the biggest names in YA lit blogging as well as avid teen girl readers:

  • Little Willow, readergirlz webdiva and bookseller who writes the famous Bildungsroman blog

  • Jen, the multi-talented, left-and-right brained powerhouse behind Jen's Book Page

  • Jackie, the epitome of an enthusiastic and knowledgeable librarian who writes InteractiveReader

  • Miss Erin, the youngest Cybils' judge and author of her much-read and much-respected blog.

  • Alexia, an avid teen reader, Little Willow protege (which makes her instantly cool in our book) and brand-new blogger

So, I'm ridiculously excited to be involved with this, and with these other fantastic girlz.


erith1 said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jackie, for advising readergirlz! We are so happy to have you as a member of postergirlz. Truly generous!

Lorie Ann, readergirlz diva

Anonymous said...

That is really cool, Jackie! Out of all the people I know you're definitely the most perfect for something like that (not that I know very many people who are into YA lit, but still ^_^).


Jackie Parker said...

Shane: I've seen those! They are hilarious!

Lorie Ann: Thanks again, really, it's an honor.

Kathryn: Thanks!

Erin said...

*throws confetti* I'm so excited, too! :)