Monday, October 09, 2006

Double Feature

Right. So I'm being lazy (*hack, sniffle, pops another cough drop*). I'm SEVEN books behind in posting. So I thought I'd combine the ones that go together. I did read them back-to-back after all. And my LibraryThing totally needed more Westerfeld (Just like it needs more Cabot. Or not at all. Incidentally, I just heard a co-worker say "Cabot" as "Cab-o," with a French pronunciation. I know it was wrong of me, but I did laugh. And then I corrected. Yes, insufferable is me.)

I'm sure you are all aware of my Westerfeld love. I keep waiting for him to live up to the love-inspiring Peeps, but alas. I did enjoy Uglies, but, in my opinion, and it does pain me to say it, the trilogy did not get better as it went along. I'm not quite sure why I feel this way. I know for certain, the thing that bothered me most of all in Specials was the fact that Tally, after all of the extraordinary feats and attributes of the first two books, became horrible whiny and unlikable in the third. She had brain damage, whatever, it totally got old. Probably because it was all from her lobotomized point of view.

Pretties was good though. Not as exhilarating as the first, nor was the romance as convincing (and WOW did I miss David - he's rather like the Cullen factor in Meyer's books. He adds a sparkle, and in this case, a weight of authority or authenticity or something that just makes the whole situation more believable & urgent.)

I'll always have his blog...He's consistently clever on that...And it's not like I've given up on SW or anything, after all, I'm reading Last Days right now...

PS- for those of you who tried to go to the Funny Farm two posts ago, try again. In my germ-infested haze I was incapable of the most basic of HTML coding. Terribly Sorry...

Enough with the ellipses already!


Anonymous said... must have caught them from me.


Anonymous said... Uglies to old for my kids? I have it sitting here to read...but if it's too old mayhap I will skip.

Mom, again

Jackie Parker said...

Uglies are most definately NOT too old for your kids (5th - 6th grade). Peeps, The Last Days & So Yesterday are.