Thursday, October 19, 2006

No longer any excuse for complaining!

Due to a bout of ambitious insanity, I volunteered and was appointed to the Nominating Committee of the inaugeral Cybil Awards for YA Fiction. The way that it works is that anyone can head over to the Cybils website and nominate their favorite 2006 book in each category. Upon the Nov. 20 deadline, myself and four other enthusiastic lunatics will argue (most amiably, I hope) amongst ourselves until the list is whittled down to five books. We will then turn those five titles over to the judging committee, who will pick the 2006 winner.

Check out the full Rules, think real hard, and head over to the Cybils and enter your favorite book!*

The Following is taken from Jen Robinson's Book Page -
Nominating Committee: These brave souls will narrow down the anticipated many nominations to FIVE.

Jackie (interactivereader)
Little Willow (Bildungsroman)
Mindy (
Sara (Sara's Hold Shelf)
TadMack (Finding Wonderland and Readers' Rants)

Judging Committee: These dedicated readers will read the five nominations, and select the winner, over a relatively short time period in January.

Leila (bookshelves of doom)
Liz (A Chair, A Fireplace, and a Tea Cozy)
Nancy (Journey Woman)
Patty (It's All About the Book)
Tasha (Kids Lit)

*Do read the other nominees - if for instance The Book Thief and An Abundance of Katherines have already been nominated (which they have) pick your other favorite book of the year.


Little Willow said...

We're going to have some fun.

Jackie Parker said...

It's certainly the first time I've ever been excited about "assigned" reading!

Anonymous said...

cool - yes, I do read your blog