Monday, October 30, 2006

The Cork in the Dam

This is it. The last book read prior to the deluge that is the Cybil Awards. Actually, in this case, I went with the audiobook. This was a serendipitous choice, as The Boy Book, the sequel to this, The Boyfriend List, has been nominated and I will be reading it sometime in the next 2 months. Which reminds me! Have YOU nominated your favorite 2006 titles yet? You should. Go here.

Meanwhile, I'll continue talking.

Ruby Oliver had a few panic attacks and now she has to see a shrink. This shrink had her make a list of all the boys she's ever dated or thought about dating. Of course, putting something like that in print? Not a great idea. But what messed her up so much that she had to go to a psychiatrist in the first place?

I totally get this book. Ruby is in love with Jackson. Jackson is a slimy jerk, but Ruby doesn't realize it. When Jackson dumps her and starts dating her best friend... she can't quite move on. This isn't the greatest book to read if you want to feel great about men, but I completely understand everything Ruby goes through. She makes some bad decisions, but nothing earth-shaking. She is the voice of every teen girl when it comes to boys. I hope things get better for her in The Boy Book.

One thing: It may have been because I was listening to it rather than reading it, but there was some SERIOUSLY crazy chronology here, but the message got across, so it couldn't have been too bad. Wait. Make it two things: The parents, at times, were caricatures. Maybe it was just how the actress performed their lines, but I don't think so. girls, 12+

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