Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Commentus Interuptus

Because it seemed like the 'cool' thing to do, I switched to Beta Blogger. This means that if you are a fellow blogger, you've been experiencing, er, problems with commenting. As I do so enjoy your comments, there are several ways to get around this; the most easy being just comment using "other" or "anonymous" and sign your name. Or, if you so desire you can merge your blogger account into Beta (which you'll probably have to do eventually). Or, you could just wait it out until Blogger straightens itself out. But, please don't let any of this discourage you from commenting on my Music Frustrations, My Phone Situation, Or My Book, er, Expeditions! Comments make my day and are a HUGE part of what makes blogging fun.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and I promise, now that I've swore at Blogger a whole lot, I'll go back to commenting on your blogs, too. Minus the easy linkage to my blog, of course.

Also, for those of you with my phone number - My Phone Is Now Here! It's happily charging, but hopefully, by the time I get back from work (I'm on lunch now) it will be a fully functioning link to humanity! Yay! So, after 6:30 PST / 9:30 EST tonight, I can again receive (and make) calls!


Anonymous said...

Great picture. Hey I switched, figured it was for the best. Congrats on the new phone. Take good care of it for it is precious.

Anonymous said...

and you didn't call me?


Jackie Parker said...

For the record, I called my Mom. She just didn't pick up.