Sunday, September 17, 2006

Job Congratulations!

For whatever reason, I was one of the first in my group of library school friends to graduate. Now, all of a sudden, just about everyone seems to be seems to have landed their librarian jobs, so congratulations are in order!

First of all, my dear bff Sarah (whose blog you see on the top of my friend list to the right) has moved down for a children's librarian position in Florida, or as she terms it, Paradise. She's blogged about her first week there, and I'm very happy for her - even if she managed to find a locale that couldn't be farther away from me, barring actually leaving the country (or me moving to Alaska).

Continuing on my friends list to the right, Rachel will be joining me in Washington State!!! Granted, she'll be a good 5ish hours away, but hey! I'm so not complaining! Yay! I might even hop over there for turkey-free Thanksgiving with her, her husband Brandon and our friends Kristy (congrats were given to her earlier in this blog) and Jay! She'll be a most rockin' youth librarian.

Kip, who's blog regularly shames me for its intelligence (and can be found on that oft-tauted list) seems to have landed a position as an adult librarian at my former place of employment. Not that I heard that from him (yes, I know you read this, and yes, that should make you feel guilty, Kip). Either way, I'm happy for him!

While we are on library school friends that don't tell me anything, I hear Cassie has some librarian position somewhere in Chicago where I'm sure she's using her ample Spanish skills! Go, Cassie! Chicago is one of my Favorite cities. I hope you are doing well, Cass. I have no idea if she reads this blog.

Liz. When I think of Liz it cracks me up. Mostly because we majored in the same undergrad program at GVSU and were friends then. We lost track of each other, only to shockingly find ourselves together in our first semester of Library School. While she graduated before me, she's moved on to her second (and far more interesting job, IMHO) as a librarian with teen duties at the place of my former employment, coincidentally under the iron rule of my lovely Aunt Lori, the assistant branch manager, which we all just realized recently in a moment of hilarity. Good hire, Lori.

Brian. Ah Brian. The most normal guy I ever encountered in Library School (Kip you are normal too, Brian's just more...typical or something). The kind of guy who says, I'll email/call you soon and doesn't actually do that. But it's ok, he's still my friend. Brian has finally left that dinky academic library and found a grown-up librarian job at a shiny university I am quite familiar with. Way to go, stranger!

Shane & Sara. One of my older friends (dating back to High School), Sara and her husband Shane have found new jobs and moved to the Windy City along with Cassie (though the three do not know each other). They are not librarians, as it would be weird if I only had friends inside of my profession. Really weird. Anyway, they are wonderful, and I'm happy for them. Here's to being back in the Midwest and closer to family! (Shane's blog can be found on the right. He often posts funny things. Like the super gross bacon snack bar on the Kraft website).

Anyway, to all my dear friends: Congratulations! We can no longer pretend we aren't adults. Good luck with that transition.

If that photo strikes you a little bit wrong, but you can't quite figured out why, count the fingers. I'm sure he's hoping to avoid Inigo. ;)

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Anonymous said...

That hand has not one, but TWO extra fingers!! What's up with that?! Thanks for the shout out, Jac. :) --Sarah