Tuesday, September 19, 2006

This is me, not so much with the talking.

I realize that I'm among the last in the blogosphere to read this book, so I'll keep my comments to a minimum. Actually, I don't feel like any comments. It can speak for itself.

Favorite Bit, Ananka in the library: "I headed for the computer terminals set against the back wall. A man was hunched over one of the desks. Hearing my footsteps behind him, he glanced over his shoulder and quickly tapped one of the keys. An image of three little puppies frolicking about a garden popped up on his computer screen. I sat down at a terminal and tried to get to work.

'Say, cutie pie, do you like puppies?' hissed the very creepy man at the next computer.

'Only if they're cooked medium rare,' I informed him. I've found that in certain situations, it's best to come across as a little loony. 'Now get lost before I ask the librarian to have a look at the Web sites you've visited today.' I was only acting on a hunch, but that man jumped out of his seat as if I had set him on fire. Avoiding my eyes, he snatched his belongings and scurried out of the library" p 158-9.

See also: Important Back-to-School Message

Judging by what I saw on a patron's terminal last week? Ew. Totally ew.

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