Wednesday, December 14, 2005

You may have noticed...

or, well, three of you for sure did. I have added a slick little mini poll in the right sidebar where interested parties can vote on the next title I read. Vote Away! I'm interested to know what you think. Really. I'm not making that up. Tell me. Feedback is good. This will come in handy soon, very soon... (that last bit sounds almost like a threat...hmm). The "On My Bookshelf" links still send you to the B&N summaries if you've never heard of the random things that catch my eye.

UPDATE: It occurs to me that there is one problem with this. Will the voting be continual, ie not start over when I choose a book to read? Just whatever's got the most votes at the time and the new titles are penalized by their newness? Tell me what you think... Jac 2:33pm

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