Friday, December 23, 2005

The Reigning King

Ah, what a Refreshing read. Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie by David Lubar. I read it in two sittings, I read it even when I could have been watching Season 5 DVDs of Gilmore Girls (who knew those fast-talkers could be usurped?). It was realistic, funny and touching. Scott is a normal kid feeling overwhelmed with homework, the HUGE upperclassmen bullies, and finding his place in a school where he doesn't even run into the guys he hung out with in junior high. Oh, yeah, and his mom announces that she's pregnant. What he really needs is a survival guide to freshmen year. So, he starts to write one for the baby. Solid. Makes me want to read other Lubar books... Boys or girls 6th-10th grades.


Jackie Parker said...

Picky, Picky. It's fixed.

Anonymous said...

You know this will make the short list for Thumbs Up! (especially if I have anything to say about it, which I do).