Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Ok, here I am, The Interactivereader. Where'd I come up with this name that might be confused with a reading aid? Well, my buddy Dan crowned me with the title. Apparently, when I read, everyone in the room (let's face it, there is only so long I can watch sports with the boys before those characters call loudly) knows how I'm feeling about whatever is held in my hands.

My intention with this blog is partially self-serving. I want to have a personal record of books read (and maybe movies watched, we'll see how ambitious I get) that I can refer to in Reader's Advisory (I am a humble Librarian). I also want to create a forum where people can react to what I'm reading, add their thoughts and, hopefully find a something to read, because in my opinion the best part of being a librarian is sharing books. Oh, and maybe there will be random bits of my life thrown in for fun. Hope you enjoy my rookie efforts.

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