Friday, January 07, 2011

Poetry Friday: Zombie Haiku

Poetry Friday has been around forever. And I've never participated. I've looked at posts over the years and though, gee, I really should join in. I like poetry! I definitely think we should promote this oft under-appreciated form. And yet, I never have.

Until now.

Because, really, if I am ever to participate, it really should be with this book. This marvelous collection of haiku. And yes, I do mean marvelous. I don't even think it has anything to do with my obsessions about the zombie apocalypse. Much.

Now, admittedly, you might need to be one who appreciates the macabre, as ZOMBIE HAIKU by Ryan Mecum alternates equally between the grotesque, the disturbing, and some of the most hilarious poetry I have ever read.

The pages are a blood spattered and offal smeared account (including pictures & illustrations) of the last days of the zombie apocalypse, not from the view point of a survivor, but that of one zombie. The voice is clear and entertaining, and pacing is such that the reader has no time to think about the feasibility of a zombie being able to manage fine motor functions well enough to write. In fact, this poor guy is better as a zombie poet than he ever was as a human one.

I've been sharing passages with coworkers to general hilarity.

My favorite passages:

My instinct steers me
to my gourmet dinner feast,
a nursing home.

The side door is shut.
From the side window, they stare.
So many meals stare.

They are so lucky
that I cannot remember
how to use doorknobs.

I circle around,
and a great surprise greets me:
automatic doors.

It is hard to tell
who is food and who isn't
in the nursing home.

I really need blood.
Moaning "brains!" is hard to do
with a dried out tongue.

Little old ladies
speed away in their wheelchairs,
frightened meals on wheels.
p 44-47.

My shoes are slushy,
with my decomposing feet
leaking clear liquid.
p 57

Elbows bend one way,
except for this guy screaming.
His bends two ways now.
p 72

One eyeball has shrunk.
I'm glad it's tied to something
so it won't fall far.
p 110

I keep saying "brains."
I remember other words,
but I just need one.
p 118

I cannot wait to bring this on school visits.

This week's Poetry Friday is with Irene Latham at Live. Love. Explore.


dulcigal said...

Oh gosh! This post sent me straight to our library's catalog and Zombie Haiku is now in my Holds list. Thank you for the reader's advisory!

Irene Latham said...

How fun is this?? It's a collection that defies everything people think they know about poetry. See, it doesn't have to be pretentious and stuffy! Thank you so much for sharing. I know a number of teen girls who would esp. enjoy it. :)

tanita✿davis said...

Ooh, isn't this the one written by the youth pastor? THAT makes me laugh hardest of anything.

Madigan Mirza said...

Zombie haiku! This is awesome. I am a little grossed out, but mostly incredibly amused.

I'm (relatively) new to Poetry Friday myself. I can't promise I'll participate every week, but hopefully, will do at least once a month or so.

Jackie Parker said...

Tanita, yes, this IS the one written by the youth pastor. And that made me laugh, too. Author's note included something along the lines of "George Romero, your movies have ruined me. Thank you."

Ben Curran said...

I need this book like a zombie needs brains. Brilliant. You hit it out of the park in your first Poetry Friday post. Thank you for sharing and joining in.

Now, what will you do for an encore??? Zombie Haiku will be hard to top.

teacherninja said...

Awesome. In many ways.