Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mare's War Giveaway

Tanita Davis, a dear and beloved friend, has just received copies of the paperback version of her Coretta Scott King Honor-winning book Mare's War (is that cover not STUNNING?!).

She's giving away copies to the first 25 homeschoolers or homeschool-serving librarians to comment (read here). She's written also just written a teaching unit for teachers to use along with the book, so you should take a look at that.

If you count yourself of the legion of homeschoolers, definitely hie thee to her post!


Bibliovore said...

Red hot damn. I love that cover. Way better than the hardcover one.

Alex said...

I am so happy for Tanita Davis. Mare's War is one of my favorite reads in 2010. After I read the library book I borrowed, I decided I needed it for my personal library. While I was at it, I bought her book A la Carte for a young niece who wants to become a chef.
I hope she has another book on the way!

Jackie Parker said...

Tanita rocks. So glad that you liked Mare's War. I so enjoyed A la Carte, too - so awesome on so many levels, but especially the healthy eating and healthy body image. Excellent choice for your niece!

Camille said...

Agree about the cover. Excellent!