Saturday, January 08, 2011


Some of you already know that I'm co-hosting the 2011 KidLitCon with Colleen Mondor of Chasing Ray and Bookslut fame. We are still very much in the planning stages and we could use your help. If you have ever attended on of the conventions, or have ever even thought you might someday want to, please take this survey, so we can best plan the 5th annual convention here in luscious, green Seattle.

Start thinking about sessions you'd like to present or see, too!

More on this as we have it!



Charlotte said...

I hope I can come!!! I am busily taking consumer marketing surveys to earn frequent flyer miles....

Kirby Larson said...


If there are small, short tasks I could help you and Colleen with re: the conference, let me know. I'd love to participate again!

Jackie Parker said...

Kirby, you are awesome. I'll probably take you up on that, most likely closer to the event.