Thursday, December 04, 2008

Now that's just not fair

Right, so that last post? I just got notification that someone picked up the Travel Bug in order to TAKE TO FLORIDA.

That is not the right direction. That is the exact opposite direction. You can't really get much further away from Seattle and stay in the Lower 48. I have to say, GISH1982, you aren't really following directions well. Posing with a giant bronze Humpty Dumpty won't make up for it. I'm a TEEN librarian, nursery rhymes won't work on me.

Just you watch, it will finally get out of the, er, warmness of Florida and slowly work it's way NW before getting stuck in Kansas for another year. Not to be pessimistic or anything.

All of this said, if someone were to pick the thing up and take it to another country, I'd be cool with it.

I think I need to do another experiment, sending one to my brother in Virginia and see what happens.

UPDATE: Yep. There it is. In Florida. Sigh.

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tonka_boy said...

Hey, look on the bright side, your traveler is getting lots of miles on it. I've had them stolen out of their first cache.

And why don't you log your finds?

Just wondering.

The Northwoods Geocats

Jackie said...

I'm too lazy. It's done for me after I've found them. *shrug* I'm just in it for fun. Not really needing notches on my belt or anything.

tonka_boy said...

Then it's really "not about the numbers"? That's cool.