Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Kansas is like the Bermuda Triangle

or something.

A year and a half ago my mom released a Travel Bug into the wild (Swimming Upstream). It's goal was Spokane, where I was living at the time. I've since changed that goal to Seattle, where I live now, but I somehow doubt that it matters 'CAUSE IT CAN'T SEEM TO FREAKIN' GET PAST FREAKIN' KANSAS. Please, any readers in Kansas, will you please, please, please move the little fishy along? North and West, please.

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If you aren't a Geocacher* and none of this makes sense to you AND you are actually curious read here, or if you are the lazier sort, wait for Justina Chen Headley's upcoming book NORTH OF BEAUTIFUL, out in February. It's touching, wonderful, and full of all sorts of geocaching awesomeness. But I might be a little biased as I'm in the FREAKIN' ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS! Holy Rusted Metal, Batman! I didn't do anything to deserve it, I swear! My mother is nevertheless quite proud.

I promise I'll talk about more books soon.

*I've been Geocaching for probably 5 years, but I never log any of my finds, so please don't judge me by my profile. But feel free to friend me if you are a fellow cacher!


Lorie Ann Grover said...

Jackie! You are in the acknowledgments of awesome!Very exciting. Your mama should be proud.

Sorry about your stalled travel bug. Someone needs to get it crawling!

We hope to be geocaching on Christmas. :~)

tanita✿davis said...

Huh. I *had* only ever heard of this from Justina. And now I'm all curious and nosy-like. Hmmmm.

And I agree: Kansas: the Bermuda Triangle. Without palm trees.

Word Verification: balloty. No, seriously.

Jen Robinson said...

The acknowledgment thing is way cool, Jac! Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it has been stuck in Kansas FOREVER!! ....and I am proud.


Jackie Parker said...

Where will you be for Christmas, Lorie Ann?

Jill said...

Cool! I'm looking forward to this book! And geocaching - had heard of it but didn't really get how it worked. Now after reading more, I'm more than curious, may even have to try it one of these days!