Friday, August 22, 2008

Teen Review

To participate in the Summer Reading Program at my library system teens submit reviews online. For every review that gets submitted to my branch I get an email containing what they wrote. I read every one. I got permission from the teen to share one of my favorites here.

Fingers by William Sleator
2 stars.

Well it was an okay book. It really wasn't that exciting at all....a boring read. *yawnz* yeah, its about a pianist who has his family make his brother compose new songs and they say that he was possesed by a dead pianist and... *snores* yeah, its just really not that good at all. You'd be better off reading about slugs.

- B.H. (age 14) from Jackie's Library

Outside of the review B.H. said: "hmmm you might like that book but i didn't. it was such a waste of life points lol"

THAT is why I love my job.


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Oh, that is brilliant.

Unknown said...

If I am 42, does that mean I have more life points to spare? 'cause I'll read Bill Sleator pretty much no matter what he writes.

Although if we could get him to write about slugs... hoo doggies, now we're talkin.