Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ok, Some advice por favor

Kyle (the boyfriend) says that I don't have a colorful personality. At least not as it translates to my hair. I'm going here to get my hair done on Sunday (I haven't had it cut since December, when I spent a grand wad of $10...). I want something more interesting. But I don't really know what that means, or at least, what I want it to mean. I'm seeing her and her. Yes, friends, cut and COLOR. I'm bored with my hair.

Got advice? I'm sure you can dig up a couple pictures of me out there.

And no, this is relevant to NOTHING.


tanita✿davis said...

Hey, remember Lisa Graff's whole beauty metamorphosis? I think you could rock blunt-cut bangs like she did. I don't know how far up you want to go on length, but you have good cheekbones (hate you for that) and a swingy bob kind of thing that's retro asymmetrical might be fun. And then you can have a burgundy stripe in your bangs.

How's that for waking up the next morning and COMPLETELY not recognizing yourself?

And tell Kyle I said to button it. A girl's hair is -- a girl's hair. Gents get no opinion on this one.

Unknown said...

Oh Jackie, you're the cutest. I'm so excited to see the new look! I'm thinking you'd rock some side-swpiped bangs and a choppy bob. And I'm all about magenta too- maybe darken up your base color a little? Good luck! It'll be so fun- we're all expecting pictures on Sunday night :)

Jackie said...

T - I think that perhaps the pics you've seen have been really good angles, as I have no cheekbones to speak of.

Kyle heard you...heh.

dobler said...

Oh hai lady, I've been to Vain. I liked it much better than the other two places I've tried in Seattle. You could pull off a redder shade! I agree with the others voting for a choppy bob, love that.

Anonymous said...

"And tell Kyle I said to button it. A girl's hair is -- a girl's hair. Gents get no opinion on this one."

That's what I said!!! But for some reason she asked for my opinion. I don't understand girls at all.

Anonymous said...

A bob is scary - have you ever had short hair before? I went short in AK after not being short since grade school and my hair did the same damn thing - just hung there. It was weird. So before you go short, remember how it was the last time you were short (even if you were a wee child) and make sure it was good then (and if it was you are golden!)

My vote is for bangs for sure though. Bangs are good!

tanita✿davis said...

Oh, Kyle. You know that "button it" bit was said with nothing but the deepest bloggerly affection, right?

D. says to tell you that "Girls are weird. Live with it."

tanita✿davis said...

Jac, your Facebook picture is from a great angle, then. Cheekbones. We sees them.

EricaS said...

I love my asymetrical bob -- I've been trying to get someone to cut my hair in this style for 15 years -- to no avail until finally! Victoria Beckham did it and I could bring a photo to the stylist and "share my vision". I try to wear the clothes that send the message that I want to create with my hairstyle so the salon folks can see who I'm am (trying to be).