Monday, October 01, 2007

October 1st!

So today is huge.

First, starting today (6 am Central Time), you can head on over to the Cybils and nominate your favorite 2007 title in each of eight categories. Nominate! Nominate! Each title needs only one nomination, so be sure to check what's already been submitted and enter in your OTHER favorite 2007 title (cause, who, really, can pick just one?!).

Also, today starts Reader Girlz 31 Flavorites!! Chat with your favorite teen lit authors every night this month. EVERY NIGHT! 8 pm EST. Is there anything more awesome than that?!

I'm really excited about both the Cybils and 31 Flavorites. Really Excited.

Just for convenience sake, here's the reprint of 31 Flavorites:

Week One
Oct 1. Meg Cabot
Oct 2. Tiffany Trent
Oct 3. Brent Hartinger (I'm playing moderator)
Oct 4. Lorie Ann Grover
Oct 5. K.L. Going
Oct 6. Nikki Grimes

Week Two
Oct 7. Ellen Hopkins
Oct 8. Justina Chen Headley
Oct 9. Chris Crutcher (I'll be moderator)
Oct 10. Ann Brashares
Oct 11. Sarah Mlynowski
Oct 12. Cecil Castellucci (moderating again. hopefully by then I'll have read BEIGE. Assuming someone nominates it for the Cybils YA, 'cause those are the only books I'll be reading for a while. 'Cept those book group books. Sigh. Boring adults.)
Oct 13. Kirby Larson

Week Three
Oct 14. Tanya Lee Stone
Oct 15. John Green
Oct 16. Sara Zarr
Oct 17. Deb Caletti
Oct 18. Rachel Cohn
Oct 19. Kirsten Miller
Oct 20. Mitali Perkins

Week Four
Oct 21. Sonya Sones
Oct 22. Lisa Yee
Oct 23. Carolyn Mackler
Oct 24. E. Lockhart
Oct 25. Janet Lee Carey
Oct 26. Gaby Triana
Oct 27. Lauren Myracle

Week Five
Oct 28. Holly Black
Oct 29. Cynthia Leitich Smith
Oct 30. Dia Calhoun
Oct 31. Stephenie Meyer (midnight EST)

Perhaps I'll review books again someday. I read a really good one this weekend. But right now I'm going to go to bed. I's tired.


Bkbuds said...

Many thanks for linking to Cybils! We've had a ton of hits from you today. Some great books are being nominated over there. Glad you could help us out.

Marcie Flinchum Atkins said...

Thanks for your e-mail about Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult. I wondered if it technically wouldn't fit. I thought of it as a crossover book, but I agree, it's published as adult. Although, I wished the publishers had released it as YA too.