Sunday, July 22, 2007

No Spoilers, I promise

There's really no point in reviewing this one, so instead you're getting my reactions as I read it. I don't know why you'd want to know, but all the same.

p 41: hahaha
p 51: Ah, Fred & George, you are so funny!
p 55: oh god
p 63: aw man, so soon?
p 67: well this is certainly moving quickly
p 69: oh no
p 74: hahahaha
p 78: sigh
p 86: When was the last time Hermione's parents saw her? Like, two books ago?
mmm jello break
p 92: saggy left, what?
p 97: huh. well I guess that answers that question.
p 103: oh that's interesting.
p 111: aha! knew that would have to turn up.
p 115: the mortification is hilarious
p 119: Ron, you are such a dork.
p 139: I'm going with candyfloss = cotton candy
p 162: "...and I had them all stacked by subject" giggle
p 187: "always pure" of course
p 221: oh, that's awesome
p 225: yay!
p 240: that's a bad sign
p 268: What's happening?!
p 269: oh my god
p 277: billycan?
p 282: can't be...
must sleep
p 302: "Your tone displeases me!" lol, I bet.
p 307: uh oh
p 315: resist, you morons, DO something!
p 337: not who I thought it was, far more interesting!
p 340: not fair
p 344: why didn't she just apparate?
p 349: well, that's a wrinkle
p 353: wrong again! I suck at this.
p 366: that seems like a bad idea.
p 378: *sob*
p 387: aw
p 390: I'm going with Ginny. Not that I've any reason to.
p 396: adorable. just adorable.
p 425: break her out
p 431: well, duh
p 434: she does like double meanings...
p 442: "It would tend to" lol
p 444: that was fantastic!
p 445: crap crap crap
p 463: not good
p 465: scary...
p 469: my heart is pounding
p 471: oh. well that's...
p 476: No! nonono
p 501: "the manner of taking matters."
Sunday phone break
p 514: *squee* yay!
p 543: well that was an adventure
p 554: too many ''and''s
p 557: could it be! could it be!
p 560: yeah, hunger equates stupidity in most boys I've known...
p 569: nobility. It makes for good speeches.
p 570: woohoo!
p 571: aw he's so brave and faithful!
p 576: break for laughter
p 578: *shakes head*
p 595: Yeah, you are!
p 600: cackle
p 602: "You blithering idiot!"
p 606: YAY!
p 609: done a bunk?
p 623: So casual in light of such danger...
p 625: !!!!!!!!!!!!!
p 632: moron
p 636: It's like the Buffy finale all over again.
p 637: sad sad sad. Is that enough death now? pretty please?
p 639: I think I'm in shock. It's been two pages, and I keep getting sadder.
p 642: this is giving me heartburn
p 645: giggle
p 646: HAHA!
p 647: oh drat this won't be good...
p 647: oi, forgot about them...
p 651: haha just like in the first book, but turned around!
p 652: trust...
p 656: huh. I didn't expect that.
p 657: is that...
p 661: You've GOT to be kidding me.
p 679: well that was an off-handed remark.
p 681: yes
p 686: not good. not good. not good.
p 689: god that's sad
p 692: this sucks
p 698: i feel sick
p 701: i hate this book
I can't take this anymore. I have to stop. I'll finish it in the morning.
Ok. I'm scared to finish it. I don't know what's going to happen, and I fear that I'm not going to like it. And I really want to like it. I keep putting off picking it up again. But I have to. I need to find out for myself, no matter how frightened I am of what's going to happen, and the fact that there's nothing more after. Maybe I'll go eat lunch first...
p 703: well there has to be a benevolent witness.
p 707: WTF
p 712: as they say
p 722: it's kinda appalling
p 723: smiles
p 727: heart's pounding again
p 727: quiescent |kwēˈesnt; kwī-| adjective in a state or period of inactivity or dormancy
p 730: thump tha thump
p 731: lies, all lies
p 731: yay!
p 732: well it had to make an appearance
p 732: what...!
p 733: oh you sweet boy
p 734: this is exciting!
p 734: squee!
p 736: well, that was a justified swear, if I've ever heard one
p 736: um, wow
p 743: uh...I think I'm going to have to read this again to get all that straight.
p 745: smile, only what he deserves
p 746: yeah, hon, it does
p 751: that's a jump, but yay!
tears, tears, copious tears.

I think I'll always want more of this story, but it is remarkable how important everything we learned in each book turns out to be.

But, what now? What do you do AFTER Harry Potter?


Anonymous said...


I got DH at 3 pm yesterday and finished at about 1 am (taking a few breaks for food and attempting to acknowledge my family).

I still can't manage to muster coherent thoughts on the book...

EM said...

Awesome. Of course, I wish I had my copy in front of me to cross-reference your comments, but my husband's got it. . .

tanita✿davis said...

I'm months out from reading it -- it'll be a UK read for me -- but I loved reading YOU read it. ALl the ups and downs and squeals. I'm glad you enjoyed it -- the heartburn worries me, but I had a feeling it had to be there. Can't vanquish ultimate evil without a mild stomachache.

Thank you for avoiding spoilers -- this was fun.

Jackie Parker said...

"Can't vanquish ultimate evil without a mild stomachache."

Seriously HILARIOUS, T. Hilarious.

And so darn true. lol

Anonymous said...

Megan's going thru the book now based on your comments - totally something you would do...glad you liked our death count

Anonymous said...

I just went through your reactions...too funny!! Still so something you would do...

Jackie Parker said...

Yeah, I figured it might seem a little familiar to you!

MotherReader said...

I just went through it with your reactions and it was like having a buddy to share it with. Thanks for that. Loved the post.

Jackie Parker said...

Thanks, MR!