Tuesday, May 15, 2007

yes. I'm talking about Veronica Mars. Again.

oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Did anyone else see the preview* for the Veronica Mars season finale next week?! Piz! I knew you were doomed on this show as soon as you appeared on Grey's, but I never expected that from you! And how will this affect Veronica's summer plans!? I'm aghast! Agog! I tell you!

*and speaking of previews, wtf has happened on One Tree Hill since I stopped watching? It seems to have become completely ridiculous. If they cancel VM and allow that and trashy Cat crap stay, well... I'll be really sad, but not terribly surprised. Those people always cancel the cool stuff. Just look at Drive. And countless others. Firefly. Joan of Arcadia. My So-Called Life. Angel. Freaks & Geeks. Sports Night. And that's just with my drowsy head. Rest assured that if VM gets canceled and The Gossip Girls gets on, I'll seethe. Seethe.


Liz B said...

I am fast moving from mad to bitter (Veronica Mars and Jericho. Damn, Damn, Damn.)

Anonymous said...

I just saw yesterday that Veronica Mars is getting canceled by the CW.

Jackie Parker said...

I'm still can't understand it. I think I may have reached disappointment. With a tinge of bitterness.