Friday, May 04, 2007

It's sparkly

It's not something I do. I don't read series books in any order other than chronological. I don't. It upsets my world. If I'm going to invest anything of myself (and I do, with every single book I read), it will be as the author intended; I will will be with the characters as they learn and grow, as the plot evolves. I don't want to miss anything. Which, come to think of it, may be why I don't sleep enough...

And then there were the Cybils. There were a lot of books and we all had to read our fair share (which, for us meant at a minimum about 33 books each. Everyone read far more than that.) Thus, my need for proper order had to be overlooked. I lived.

Jumping into More Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet without having read True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet, it was obvious that I was definitely doing exactly what I hate - landing unaware right in the middle of the plot. However, not knowing wasn't really that big of a deal. The concept is...common, and I'm familiar with the formula, so really, I didn't feel like I missed much. It's absolutely nothing that anyone hasn't read before, several times. That doesn't, however, get in the way of enjoying Lola Douglas's sequel for what it is: cute with a touch of substance.

Morgan's cover in Indiana has been blown. Everyone knows who she is. Her mother wants her to return to L.A. and kick-start her career, but Morgan isn't ready to face that life again. The problem is that she's not really sure she wants to deal with the fallout in Indiana, either. She just wants everything to go away - she wants to live the lie. However, her past and her future are about to collide with her present, things long repressed will rise, and boys hoped for just might have some trust issues. (Can you blame him?)

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Anonymous said...

Jackie, I am exactly the same way about reading books in order. It has ended up being a bit of a challenge with some of my book challenges. I agreed to read some books not realizing how far into the series they are. But of course instead of changing the books I feel obligated to read the books and their prequils!
This is a cute way to start your review.

Jackie Parker said...

Exactly. Sometimes that very fact makes me shy away from series.

Thanks Megan!

Little Willow said...

I too enforce chronology! If you like this one though you'll like the first.

Angela said...

Glad you came out alright after the falling out of sequence! ;) Next time you're on aim you gotta send me that "special" version of Sounds of Silence!