Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Well, if you wanted to search.

Regulars may have noticed the handy little box near the top of the right column. This is, for the uninitiated, a search box for my LibraryThing account. I was disproportionately excited when I came accross the site, as it fills in for the lacking search capabilites of Blogger. Every book I've talked about on this blog since its inception (minus the ones I start, but do not finish - which might change, what do you think?) is in my catalog there, tagged within an inch of its life. Eventually, I will add books that I read before the blog, but that might, er, take a while. Each book links back to its specific post within the blog. Yes. It is insane. I was posessed. Also, I have no life. It's very sad, really. Go ahead, play with it!

Also, if anyone can tell me how I can upload the depicted images into the template and onto the sidebar, 'twould be much appreciated, email me or something. Thanks!

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