Friday, March 03, 2006

Red Letter

Today, I got paid. My first paycheck, to be exact. 15 days after starting. What did I do with my suddenly flush wallet? Went shopping, of course! I bought exciting things, like: Bathrugs. Kitchen Canisters. A Toaster (I am so glad to have my favorite small appliance again). A paper towel holder (a cool one). A Driver's License. A Shoe Rack (because, while I didn't know what Mom was talking about when she complained about my shoes, now that they are cluttering my life, something had to be done). Shoe Polish (because it was next to the shoe rack and when I looked down, darned if I didn't need it). "Did I buy anything just for fun?" you ask. Are you saying that stuff isn't fun? I'm very excited about having a toaster, thank you. I did wander into Best Buy, where I purchased both Pride & Prejudice and Serenity. Now I've spent too much money and can buy nothing but bread, milk and the ilk. But hey, life is just a little bit more comfortable, not to mention organized.

I attempted to hang pictures tonight. I shouldn't say attempted, as I did manage to hang two standard items. The attempted part comes in when I got to the stuff that needed to be anchored. I confess, I had NO idea what I needed to do. So, hello internet, eHow, here I come. First, I noticed that Mom was on iChat. Like any kid, I thought, hey! I'll ask Mom. So I typed my query to my all-knowing mom, then walk away to check the spaghetti bake in the oven. Two minutes later mom still hasn't replied so I say something pithy, like, "Or you could ignore me and I'll look it up like originally planed..." Thirty seconds later she logs off! My MOM ignored me!!! This does nothing for my self-esteem. lol. I'm sure she didn't see me or something. Either that or she's a whole lot meaner than I ever thought... Anyway, I find instructions and think "that doesn't look so hard, I can do that." Yeah, no. I've ruined my anchor. It's now sort of bent over and sad looking. Like the Eiffel Tower that Meg Ryan buys in French Kiss that sags at the push of a button (comically, of course, with it's implication to Kevin Klein, hee hee). I think that the serious picture hanging will have to wait until I have assistance. Or get bored enough to have another go.

Tomorrow I am going to the Democratic Caucuses. Apparently, this means I will talk with my neighbors about politics. Or, more likely listen, in my case. It should be quite the experience. I expect to be amused. Not that it takes much.

Speaking of voting related items, I'm beginning to think that someone is stuffing the ballot box for OSC. Either that, or no one is remotely interested in the other options...


Anonymous said...

spooky. i don't think that person was your mother.

Anonymous said...

I have been maligned! I would never ignore my darling daughter.....although I did have have ignore your numberous pairs of shoes that found homes in every doorway.

Aren't you glad I bought you tools? To bad you are not better at using them.

Why are you surprised about the book voting?.....something about Joan of's like a bible always know the ending and it's never good. The Scarlet P......I read that years ago, I think, not as funny as the musical. So you are left with OSC-no contest go with Ender.

Mommy Dearest

Jackie Parker said...

You are so mean, mom! Signing off as "Mommy Dearest" doesn't help your case, either. Oh, and Ender isn't even in that book, Mrs. Know-it-all. :P

Anonymous said...

Ahhh but just a mention of a parellel story to Ender is enough.

No more wire hangers!


Jackie Parker said...

OMG. Totally creepy.