Monday, April 01, 2013

Missing in Teen: The 600s

I'm working my way through weeding the 600s in teen non-fiction. The first step, for me, is to get rid of some of the stuff that hasn't circulated in at least a year. What this also catches are books that have disappeared. Walked off. Maybe hiding under the ficus.

Teen 613.83 Harmon
Hallucinogens: The Dangers of Distorted Reality
Daniel E. Harmon

Teen 613.9071 Kemp
Healthy Sexuality
Kristen Kemp

Teen 613.951 Shaw
This Book is About Sex
Tucker Shaw

Teen 614.17 Denega
Skulls and Skeletons
Danielle Denega

Teen 618.9285 Attenti
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
William Dudley

Teen 637.7 Garza
Stuff on My Mutt
Mario Garza

Teen 646.3083 Warrick
Style Trix for Cool Chix
Leanne Warrick

Teen 646.7008 Shaw
--Any Advice?
Tucker Shaw

I don't think that there are really any conclusions to be made, but it's probably a decent look at what type of stuff is popular in the Dewy century. I should compare this to the teen titles that do actually have the highest recorded circulation, although I have no doubt that, with maybe the exception of the ADHD title, these are all the type of browsable nf that teens will look at in the library and not check out. Or, you know, steal.


Jennifer said...

My teens keep hiding the sex books behind our bust of MLK. Happily, they have stopped stealing the wicca least for the moment.

Angie said...

A favorite game in our library is "Where will S.E.X.: The All-You-Need-To-Know Progressive Sexuality Guide to Get You Through High School and College Turn Up Hidden Next?!" S.E.X. = the book that's circulated OUT of our library once but has 6 billion in house circ's. I WONDER WHY?!

Jennifer said...

We have to hunt down Safe Sex 101 most often. I also regularly lose copies of Speak, 13 reasons why, and Sonya Sones, but I don't feel too bad about it. I figure - someone probably needed it, right?

Just don't ask me how I feel about our missing Robie Harris titles.

Ms. Yingling said...

My students are pretty good about checking things out rather than stealing them, but I don't have any supersensitive titles. I think this year will be worse than last-- I keep finding books in an adjoining classroom. Bright idea-- 11 doors into and out of the library!

Perogyo said...

Stuff on my Mutt just doesn't seem to match the others!

Jackie said...

@Jennifer Behind the bust of MLK? Of all places!

@Angie Yes, TOTAL mystery!

@Jennifer Well, you KNOW it's NOT the stork! heh (sorry!)

@Karen 11 doors into the library? That's crazy!

@Perogyo It would probably fit better in the 800s with humor.

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