Friday, January 23, 2009

Veronica Mars Movie!

No, really! I'm so there.

Rob Thomas says a Veronica Mars movie his next project (which means it's a long ways off) and that it'll probably take place a few days before her college graduation.

Thomas: '"I've talked to Jason Dohring, I've talked to Enrico Colantoni and I've talked to Kristen, obviously. I know that Kristen wants to do it. I want to do it."

As for funding, Thomas reveals: 'Joel Silver does have a certain pile of money that he can decide on, and he called me asking, ‘Can we do this now?' "

This is the best week Ever!

via Mom. Thanks, Mom!


Adele said...

Can you believe it? I have never been so happy to hear about a show being brought back in some form. Beside myself with joy

Anonymous said...

This is amazing! I can't wait for it!!!

Jackie Parker said...

I know, I've never been happy about its cancellation (or ending, really). Hopefully this movie will give me some sense of resolution.

Anonymous said...

THAT is awesome. Totally awesome.

Anonymous said...

THAT is awesome. Totally awesome.