Monday, September 24, 2007

Your Friendly Neighborhood Cybils YA Committee

I'm BEYOND excited to announce (quick-ishly) on the heels of the Cybils Blog, the panelists for the YA Fiction Category.

Young Adult Fiction Category Organizer:

Jackie Parker (Interactive Reader) ( Hey! That's Me!!)

Nominating Panel:
Stacy DeKeyser (Stacy's Journal)
Trisha (The YaYaYas)
Jackie (Interactive Reader) (Me again!!)

Since I'm sure you are interested in ALL of the Cybils announcements and panels, head on over to the CYBILS BLOG for the breaking news!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jackie - how are things out there?? FYI - Finished Eragon & I'm almost done with Eldest - do you know when the 3rd book comes out?? (I figured you'd know since you ARE a teen lit librarian and all....)

Jackie Parker said...

Gosh, I really can't go a week without someone asking me about the 3rd in the Inheritance Trilogy. There is no current release date or even official title for the last book. At some point Paolini said that he was considering naming it "Empire." But that isn't set in stone.

Anonymous said...

OK - thanks anyways...