Thursday, February 08, 2007


In anticipation of the Cybils Awards announcement on Wednesday, I leave you with Fun Stats from the YA Cybils Nominees. If I've forgotten a book or a connection your brain has made, share in the comments!

80 books = 21,831 pages

Average pages per book = 272.89

Most Common Number of Pages = 12 books had 256 pages

Historical fiction = 2o, 25% Accidents of Nature, Angelmonster, Octavian Nothing, Book Thief, Boy in the Stripped Pajamas, The Braid, Eva Underground, Hattie Big Sky, Incantation, Lorenzo and the Turncoat, Loving Will Shakespeare, Ophelia, Over a Thousand Hills I Walk With You, Plenty Porter, Samurai Shortstop, A True and Faithful Narrative, The Unresolved, Viking Warrior, Waiting for Eugene, The Wish House

Books concerned somehow with World Wars = 6.25% Book Thief, Boy in the Stripped Pajamas, Hattie Big Sky, Traitor, Waiting for Eugene

Death = 7.5% Blind Faith, Love You/Kill You, Pursuit of Happiness, This Is All, This Time Last Year, Viking Warrior

Suicide = 5% Stay With Me, Trigger, Samurai Shortstop, Viking Warrior

Murders = 3.75% The Christopher Killer, In the Garage, Viking Warrior

Genocide = 3.75% Over a Thousand Hills I Walk With You, The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas, Book Thief

Writers/Artists = 6.25% A True & Faithful Narrative, This Is All, Grist, Fanboy & Gothgirl, Pursuit of Happiness

Popularity = 3.75% The Queen of Cool, How to be Popular, Fringe Girl

Religion = 6.25% Goy Crazy, A Brief Chapter in My Impossible Life, Simply Divine, Blind Faith, Incantation

Road Trips = 6.25% Abundance of Katherines, The Real Question, Becoming Chloe, Born to Rock, Tallulah Falls

Music = 8.75% Born to Rock, King Dork, Adios to My Old Life, Notes From the Midnight Driver, Nick & Norah, Blind Faith, In the Garage

Latinas! = 3.75% The Hollywood Sisters: Backstage Pass, Estrella's Quinceanera, Adios to My Old Life

Sports = 3.75% Samurai Shortstop, Dairy Queen, Rash

Crime Solvers = 3.75% The Hollywood Sisters: Backstage Pass, Bad Kitty, The Christopher Killers

Sexuality = 7.5% Becoming Chloe, A Bad Boy Can Be Good For a Girl, Between Mom and Jo, In the Garage, This Is All, The Wish House

Mom's Culture or Mine? = 3.75% Nothing But the Truth (and a few white lies), Estrella's Quinceanera, Simply Divine

Twue Luv = 26.25% Goy Crazy, Blind Faith, How to Be Popular, Born to Rock, The Braid, Dairy Queen, Eva Underground, Fringe Girl, Incantation, Just Listen, Koyal Dark, Mango Sweet, Lorenzo and the Turncoat, This is All, This Time Last Year, Nick & Norah, Notes From the Midnight Driver, Pursuit of Happiness, The Queen of Cool, The Real Question, Stay With Me, A True & Faithful Narrative

Characters with alter egos named "Sarge" = It's Kind of a Funny Story, Notes From the Midnight Driver

The Actual Official Number That I've Read at This Very Moment = 54/80


tanita✿davis said...

How cool are you to break it down like that?! I can't wait 'til the announcement! I imagine this has been a huge and horrible job for the judges... and I don't even know anymore whom I want to win!

Anonymous said...

Fun post! I'm definitely excited for the announcement next week.

Anonymous said...

This is excellent!! I love the total number of pages. I also like your keeping the focus on the whole list, even as we're getting prepared to announce the "winner". There are so many other great books, in so many diverse areas, and I think a big part of what the Cybils teams have accomplished is compiling these lists. Thanks for the reminder!

Sara said...

Wow, Jackie, how long did this take you?

I especially like the "twue luv" category!;)

Jackie Parker said...

Er... Sara you probably don't want to know. I did it in very small increments when in an obsessive mood. So we'll treat it as therapy? sigh. ;)

Little Willow said...

This post rocks my world.

(I am math girl.)