Thursday, December 28, 2006

Well, I dig music, but some of that stuff is weird.

I was so caught up in Just Listen that when I finally got home from Anti-Turkey Day, I dropped my bags and picked up the book. Is it weird to have the audio in your car and the book in your home? Maybe. It's just lucky I did, otherwise I would have been wandering around the city trying to finish it. Or sitting in my garage slowly poisoning myself. But hey, it's Dessen. She's worth it, right?

Annabel Green has everything. At least that what the department store commercial she stars in indicates. In fact, her life is far from ideal. She doesn't want to model anymore, but is afraid to tell her mother that, her best friend thinks she's a witch with a capitol 'B', and her sister is sick - scary sick. She definitely doesn't want to start school this fall, cope with fact that creepy Owen is the only who acts like she's alive, or deal with adoring tween fans. What she really needs to face is much darker.

By the way? Love Owen. Interesting, cool, sweet and totally misunderstood. Or not. Shall I comment on the cover? No, wait, I
did that...

I've long maintained that Sarah Dessen is awesome. I like all of her books. That said, I don't feel the need to read all of her books because I know exactly what I'll be getting. An girl-oriented issue book of high quality. I know who I give the books to. It's a pity, really, that I feel this way, because I always feel so good after reading her. One day I'll go back and read the rest - it's just hard to justify when there are so many unknown books out there. Of course, I've read entirely too many Meg Cabot's, but Cabot is tends to be candy and Dessen is much more; Cabot's a throwaway and Dessen involves and entangles a reader. That's a good thing.

Cybils Tally: 28/80

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Little Willow said...

I hope you'll read The Truth About Forever if you haven't already.