Friday, December 29, 2006

Cybils Debate

It's done. Well, my part is anyway. After much sweat, gnashing of teeth, a few paper cuts and some persuasive argument my fine colleagues and I have narrowed our 80 YA Cybils nominations down to the shortlist of five.

So here's to Little Willow, Mindy, Sara and TadMack (and, as always, our administrator Jen who did not take part in discussion, but was there in spirit)! We had a blast. I can't tell you what we decided yet, the Cybils site will be the first to announce, but be sure to check one/both/all of us on Monday!

Don't forget that there are eight whole short lists that will be announced on Monday!

Also, a big thanks to the publishers and authors who sent us review copies - it really made our lives easier!

The Real Question? What the heck do we do now? (Answer forthcoming)


Little Willow said...

I see "The Real Question" and think, "Yes, that was a nominee..."

Jen Robinson said...

Congratulations on finishing! That was a lot of books. I was definitely there in spirit, but don't think I could have kept up to speed on all of your discussions, let alone reading all of those books. Happy New Year!