Thursday, September 13, 2007

Robert's Snow: A Call to Bloggers

A couple years ago I was a paraprofessional picking up extra hours at the branch library I grew up in. This is neither here, nor there, but one of those quite nights I was going through the new picture books and I came across Robert's Snowflakes. I marveled at the collection of illustrious illustrators and was filled with wonder at how so many people could be handed the same little cut-out snowflake and each one create something so different and so unique - and all for a cause.

Robert Mercer, husband of noted children's author, Grace Lin, was diagnosed with cancer five years ago. On August 27th, just a few weeks ago, he lost his battle. Many of us in the kidlit blogging community noted his passing and then Jules, over at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast (7-Imp), had an idea: We should do something. Help out however we can. Why not take a page from the Great Organizer, Colleen Mondor?

And so with a handful of emails Clever Jules has got it all worked out. We're calling out to all our blogging readers to help raise attention to the annual online auction at Robert's Snow. And we're going to do it by featuring as many of the 200+ illustrators and their snowflakes on our blogs as we can. Each blogger will claim - on a first come, first serve basis - the illustrators (up to 5) that you'd like to feature.

Head on over to 7-Imp for the details and to see how you can help.


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