Thursday, November 20, 2008

Remember that dreck of a film

Ella Enchanted? Remember how mad we all were (possibly still are...or is that just me?) that they took such a beautiful, magical, sweet book, gutted it, lobotomized it, and did other unsavory cruelties too horrible to mention here? Well, if you still yearn for a movie that captures the beauty of Ella Enchanted and is more true to the spirit of the novel then its eponymous film - try PENELOPE.

With Christina Ricci, James McAvoy, Catherine O'Hara, Reese Witherspoon, and Peter Dinklage, you can't really go wrong, right?

I'd upload a picture or two, but my computer needs to be replaced. Desperately. It's being especially uncooperative tonight. I hope it doesn't mess too much with my interview with Emily Wing Smith that goes up tomorrow.


TadMack said...

REALLY? Penelope is that good? Oh, they REALLY ruined Ella, Enchanted, it made me want to weep, especially because I rented it and was all set up with my snacks and blanket and it SUCKED.

I love anything with Wednesday Addams in it.

Anonymous said...

I liked Penelope, too. Maybe not as much as you, but I loved Penelope's room! and her clothes! So gorgeous.


Jackie Parker said...

I had low expectations for it, and that may have helped, but gosh, I just haven't seen anything that refreshing in a long time. It was magical and fairy tale-esque and just all around made me HAPPY.

And frankly, making me happy? It's a big deal. I like to be happy.

It's worth at least a rent.

Little Willow said...

It's always nice to have a movie at least RESEMBLE the book. Sigh.

I'm glad to hear that Penelope is a good book and a good film. Every time I see the book, I think, "I should read that." You know I like (well-done) retold fairy tales (with empowered characters)!

OOH! Idea! Would you want to do a discussion of books made into movies instead of (or in addition to-slash-within) the N&N roundtable? Email me and let me know!

Erin said...

I lurved this movie!!

Camille said...

I've never heard of Penelope. Clicking over to Netflix now...