Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Third Annual!

Ok, I've been so far under the rocks these last several months (can you tell I've emerged by all this crazy posting?), that I'd MISSED Mother Reader's announcement of (and all references to) the Third Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge. I did pretty good last year, but this year I've got a WLA/CAYAS meeting all of Saturday. There's no way to work around that, so I'll just have to include it in the tally. Perhaps I can read through the boring parts. No, I should probably network. Sigh.

Either way, I may come in dead last, but I'm in.
Maybe my box from Random will come with shiny new things! oo! Or my hold of Schmidt's Trouble! OR Big Fat Manifesto! OR Northlander OR Feathered! ooo - and I have Justina's North of Beautiful! I wish I wasn't #6 waiting for Princess Ben. That would be a quick, fun one...
I'm a little excited.
Oh, wait. I just remembered. I don't have internet...I have to walk to the cafe...crap. Oh well.

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Little Willow said...

Walking = GOOD. I read while I walk and walk while I read.